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  • Take finely ground jowar ata (flour) 250 grams in a wide mouthed vessel with shallow depth. It can also be a large plate with long edges.
  • In a separate vessel take just little water (1/2 a cup) and bring it to boil. Add the boiling water to make a dough from the Jowar flour which is already taken in the shallow pan. This dough is called jigatu in Kannada.
  • Now take this jigatu and add dry jowar flour and knead it thoroughly with just enough water to make dough of such consistency as chapati dough (may be even less water than that).
  • To make rotti you should press/beat the circular dough with the palm of your hand on a flat surface such as the kitchen platform. Initially use the right hand to beat it in the form of a circle and use the left hand to maintain a circle.
  • Dry flour may be used to avoid the dough sticking to the flat surface while preparing the rotti. This is the crucial step.
  • Once the rotti is ready, it should be carefully transferred to a hot Tawa.
  • When the lower part of the rotti gets slightly dry apply water on the upper surface of the roti with a piece of soft cloth and allow it to remain until the water just evaporates a little.
  • Then carefully reverse the rotti and bake the other side, pressing this side while baking- if pressed gently with a cloth, the roti puffs separating into two layers with steam in side.
  • Remove it from the Tawa and serve it hot.

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