What is main work force behind our Consultancy service ?

Regarding Recipe and Technological improvement I am one Man army, But Individually you can’t grow more, So, We are having following members as a core team B.kumar Food Consultancy Services.

1,Pravin Gajjar-Technological expert for Machine and Director of Vishwakarma Food Technology works,      Rajkot.

2,Dipak Vadgama:Marketing responsibility of our Consultancy Service.

3,Nishanth J.:He is Co-Founder and CEO of Vcode Infotech India Private Limited, A software and mobile app Development company.url: http://www.vcodeinfotech.com

4,Kishor Bhadesia:Mind powder & Motivational trainer for Corporate training.

5,Sameerbhai :Import & Export process professional.

Who are enjoying our services ?

Since very less time of less than two years we have served more than 65 clients, Some of are as under Aashwad, Anjali, Palak garden, Annkoot, Vishal, Asha foods, Baxom,Caleva, De-Lite,Delite, Gayatri,Healthy Extracts, HM Gruh udhyog, Innovative, Jain agro, Kanidha, Mega dry food, Mohan vishram, Navrit sales Consultant, Kquality bite, Raj , Raj dhanvantari, Rajen, Sentosa, Sankalp, S&J, Sunvita, Zayka, Swastik, Synergy, Trupti,Gruhini,Vidhata,Bansi and lots of more.

What are the charges we takes from Clients for Consultancy?

The Consultancy charges we have received are on the basis of which work, Following are the consultancy charges we have already received from our existing clients, These rates may increase time to time –

Rs.500/-Per Product :Packaging materials checking and legal suggestion country wise legal requirement like allergy advise, Ingredients writing, anything as per FSSAI OR as per 21CFR/CGMP

Rs.1000/-,Nutritional value calculation without sample.

Rs.25000/-Monthly : Monthly 3 visits to your unit as production auditor to enhance your products,Quality,Production,System,Monthly one recipe enhancement and No New recipes are to be provided, This contract can be done for minimum one year. Our focus for that visit would be standards as per FSSAI,BIS,Codex and USFDA(mainly 21 CFR)

Rs.35000/-Product enhancement, You have to provide your recipe, In which we can do changes by addition or deletion of your RM.

Rs.100000/- & Rs.200000/-Roti making plant set up with Retort system and special recipe to keep Roti fresh from 7 hours to 15Days or even 30days.

Rs.30000 & Rs.50000/-,New Recipe development ,Both rates are depends from Product to product like Khakhra/Papad,Masala etc.

Rs.5.0Lac & Rs.9Lac :Khakhra,Papad,Mathiya,Chorafali,Spice or any products Semi-automatic or automatic plant set up, which includes design of machine, Machine selection, Machine operation with unlimited Recipes and all other help.


DISCOUNT: Discount on above rates are per recipe/Per Products basis, our existing clients are already enjoying discount in the rage of  10% to 84% on above prices.

How much Project Cost(Except Consultancy Charge) ?

Here , we are mentioning few projects only, which does not includes Land cost & our consultancy charges…

1,Khakhra Turn key Project:Rs.60000 to Rs.3Crore.

(Handmade,Semiautomatic,Automatic and 40kg to 2700kg per 8hrs. Capacity)

2,Spice blends(Masala) & Seasoning Turn key Project:Rs.7.0Lac to 1.0Crore.

(200kg to 12MT per 8hrs Capacity)

3,Ready to eat Vegetables Turn key project: Rs.45.0Lac  to 55.0Lac.

(900kg to 2000kg per 8hrs capacity)

4,Soya paneer(Tofu) & Soya milk Turn Key project:Rs.5.0Lac to Rs.30Lac.

(10.0kg to 200kg per 8hrs capacity)

5,Thepla(Spicy Indian flat bread, High Oily roasted):Rs.3.0Lac to 45.0Lac

(10.0kg to 350kg per 8hrs capacity)

6,Instant Premix Powder Turn Key Project:Rs.7.0Lac to 80.0Lac.

(25.0kg to 12MT per 8hrs)

7,Potato wafer & Sali Turn key Project:Rs.12.0Lac to 27.0Crore.

(2.0MT to 180MT per 8hrs capacity)

8,Garlic & Garlic chilli Paste Making turn key Project:Rs.5.0Lac to 9.0Lac.

(230kg to 400kg per 8hrs capacity)

9,Papad,Mathiya,Chorafali & Suvari Turn key Project:Rs.8.0Lac to 21.0Lac.

(300kg to 2000kg per 8hrs capacity)

10,Rice crackers/Rice Papad(Khichiya from Poha & Rice flour):Rs.20.0Lac to 1.0Crore.

(1800kg to 6.0MT per 8hrs capacity)

11,Namkeen & Ready to eat other fried Items Turn key Project:Rs.8.0Lac to 25.0Crore.

(500kg to 100MT per 8hrs. Capacity)

12,Shev murmura & Several Roasted Items Project:Rs.1.0Lac to 2.0Crore.

(18kg to 9.0MT per 8hrs. capacity)

13,Asafoetida(Hing) Manufacturing Project:Rs.50000 to 18.0Lac.

(3.0kg to 400kg per 8hrs. capacity)

14,Tomato ketchup,Pickles,Chutney,Sauce Project:Rs.5.0Lac to 30Lac

(100kg to 1000kg per 8hrs. capacity)

15,Appalam Manufacturing Plant:Rs.14.0Lac to 50.0Lac.

(400kg to 7000MT per 8hrs. capacity)

16,Roasted Dryfruit,Makhana,Peanut and Grains like wheat:Rs.10.0Lac to 80Lac.

(180kg to 8.0MT per 8hrs.).

17,Dry Dosa Making Turn key Project:Rs.18.0Lac to 90.0Lac.

(80kg to 800kg per 8hrs.,Semiautomatic & Automatic)

18,Panipuri & Roti Making Turn key project:Rs.8.0Lac to 35.0Lac

(3200Roti or 80000Panipuri to 40000Roti or 14.0Lac Panipuri per 8hrs.)  

19,Fruit Juice & Beverages Manufacturing Plant:Rs.8.0Lac to Rs.8.0Lac to 3.5Crore

(200ml bottle; 40000bottles to 1.3Lac Bottles per 8hrs.)

20,Ice cream/Kulfi Manufacturing Plant:Rs.10.0Lac to 20.0Lac

(500Ltrs. Per 8hrs ,but plant will be Normal as in 90% manufactures or Amul Brand type plant plant will have cost just double,In both budget total numbers of equipment’s will be 10,and capacity also same.)As per Business Today’s Report of July 2017, India is the fastest growing ice-cream consumption market in the world followed by Vietnam and Indonesia.

21,Fruit & Vegetable Processing Plant:Rs.85.0Crore.

(30MT per 20hrs.)

These items are to be used as vegetable and packed in proper condition without preservatives…

Jalepeno,  Okra, Green Peas, Red Paprika, Sweet Corn, Baby Corn, Jalepeno , Bitter Gourd, Red Capsicum , Carrot, Cauliflower, Chillies , Ginger, Red Paprica, Yellow Capsicum, French Beans etc., and Various Fruits  Mangoes, Papaya, Strawberries, Jackfruit, etc

22,Low Sodium Salt Manufacturing Plant:Rs.5.0Lac

(200kg Salt per 8hrs.)

23, ORS(Oral Rehydration Salt) Manufacturing Unit:Rs.1.25Crore

(1.8Lac pouches per 20hrs.) This product comes under pharmaceutical , and controlled by Drugs and cosmetic act 1945.

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