Food Processing Legal matter and FSSAI License On this matter our team will do all work on behalf of you, Like case hearing, Visit of another city for court matter and License generation.Just following are important for every food business person-

Food safety & Standards Act 2006, Was implemented From 5th August 2011,  As per that Low…

  1.  Every Food business owner which has annual turnover of 12 Lac or more/2000kg per day Production should requires State FSSAI License.
  2.  Every Food business owner which has Production of more than 2000kg per day requires Central FSSAI License.
  3.  Every Food business owner which has less than 12 Lac rupees annual turn over should requires Registration certificate from FSSAI,for that Rs.100 per annum fees required,And No any FSSAI License required by him.

If any person failed in above three things,than up to Rupees 5.0 Lac penalty and Six months Jail term are there.

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