• Organic Food & Food processing machinery with full customisation, by certified agency.
  • Refrigeration solution, Cooling solution to preserve original taste of your product during processing.
  • Food industry disposal & Sanitation equipment’s &  suggestion.
  • Vending machine development, like Panipuri automatic,Or Pizza or any items
  • Packaging,Sealing,Weighing,Vacuuming ultra modern technology,Contineous vacuuming.
  • Nutritionla value display/Print system for restaurant as well as can be printed along with Bill ;so, customer could be able to know, that how much & what  nutrient he has taken and how much calorie intake in that total bill.
  • Food processing clothing, Cap, Shoe cover, Beard cover,Appron and lots of items specification and design as well as customised procurement. And even these clothes must complies with cGMP.
  • Manpower Solution: Corporate training, manpower  recruitment, Manpower training course all facilities are available within our service due to our tie up with Maharashtrian Management consultancy firm.
  • Mind powder & Motivational training: To your staff & Workers for better productivity and quality control.
  • Job Work :Unlimited products you can make in your own brand from reputed food manufacturers like khakhra,Papad,Bhakhari,Khari,Spice,Poha(Rice flakes) and hundreds of products. We are having very good arrangement for the same.
  • Marketing:We are having experienced marketing leader and Core marketing team to market your products, Which can be done on yearly contract basis, can set up food distribution system, Brand Building, Advertisement and PR Consultancy for your products. Also Import and export advisory members are our team members, So you can get any type of such help, As well as we are having very good network in Tanzania, As you might know that Tanzania is currently struggles to meet its own food requirements due to low productivity and the predominance of subsistence farming.
  • Software & Mobile app development :as per Food company requirements, Any type of App could be possible, App must be 100% customised.
  • Production Process Enhancement : To improve quality as well as Production quantity, Like Besan, Papad we have done work, by implementing factory atomisation system, thus reduce personnel cost as well as less contamination.
  • Oil consumption cost decrease by 30%, by normal routine industry like Namkeen,Wafer,Khakhra etc.And Oil at their must be processed,cleaned,Filtered BY TECHNO-CHEMICAL process, like Two way filtering system, Use of Activated carbon filters to remove odour/bad smell, Use of specific anti-oxidants.
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