We can enhance your existing old recipe by adding different additives, which must be as per Food Safety and Standards (Food product standard and food products Additives) Regulation 2011

Enhance your old recipe by adding different additives

We provide this service for all below mentioned products:

  • Namkeen : More than 50 type of Variants.
  • Khakhra(Wheat chips) : More than 100 types of Flavours ; We are the one & only in India who can set up Fully automatic manufacturing plant for Wheat crisps(Khakhra)/Wheat coin chips, having capacity of 2.5 MT Per day, such three plants we have already set up,Hand made and Machine made both type of Products set up we are doing.
  • Thepala (Indian spicy semi fried Flate bread)
  • Papad(White lentil Split crackers and Wheat crackers) : More than 10 types of Variants.
  • Mathiya, Chorafali, Suvari, Aloo papad ,Sago papad and many more items could be possible in Papad machine.
  • Appalam (Madrasi Papad) :
  • Panipuri ready to eat with or without Powder premix for Panipuri water also.
  • Dry Dosa :This will be in more than 12 flavours like Cheese chilli flavours with seasoning or without seasoning bith type of Recipes we provides, The manufacturing capacity would be 100kg per day.
  • Dry Kachori & Samosa :This is very much tasty and you can get shelf life of one months to 6 months,Just open and eat,If want to reheat you can do that also.
  • Roasted Snacks : Pitta chips,Corn puffs , Ragi chips,Almond,Cashew ,Makhanaand more than 30 products which can be roasted ,Salted or Seasoned in hundreds of Flavours
  • Fortified Food : Like High protein /Iron fortified, High fiber wheat flour or Besan and even water.
  • Khichiya (Rice crackers and Rice Flakes Crackers):More than 10type of Variants.
  • Sago papad (Tapioca crackers):More than 8 flavours in different variants we are doing.
  • Bakery Items : Khari,Nankhatai,Cookies,Toast and Puff as well as Pizza base Roti.And new introduced Doroyaki cake(Doremon cack as per childrens) which is Japanese.
  • Soya Paneer(Indian Cottage cheese) and Soya MilK.
  • Spice Blends(Masala) : More than 50type of Variants.
  • Compunded Asafoetida(Hing) Manufacturing Recipe and plant set up.
  • Low Sodium Salt : Same like Tata,Safola etc.
  • Pickles : More than 30 variety of pickles which can be consumed immediately or will be kept for one year,It would be simple like Olive oil in brine, or complicated like Mix vegetable pickles having shelf life of one year.
  • Seasoning Mix  & Condiments for Table and Industrial use:More than 70 types of Variants, which can be used on dining table,In-Dough,Slurry,Dust on or Coating, Will be made with heat stable ingredients also.
  • Instant Premix Powder : More than 60type of Variants, like coffee premix,tea premix,Icecream premix, Waffle premix,Khaman premix,Idli dosa premix and many more
  • Ready to eat Food Products : Which can be based on retort technology, and can be stored at Ambient temperature ,the products are Punjabi chhole masala,Suki bhaji like 100 of products with 6months shelf life.
  • Restaurant Snacks & Lunch-Dinner Products: Samosa,Khaman,Roti,Naan and Lots of vegetables all are Indian authentic Products Only.
  • ORS(Oral Rehydration Salt) : All type of ORS With WHO-GMP Formula, as well as with Unique combination of Magnesium chloride formula for African country, Having capacity of 2Lac Pouches per day.
  • Dahi(Yoghurt) & Lassi / Butter milk :These will be made by culture, with various type of Flavours,And the texture of product will be very smooth and uniform with the shelf life of single day to 3 months on the basis of plant and packaging technology chosen.
  • Fruit pulp,Juice & beverage :This is very much in flavours and taste as well as packaging technology. Packaged drinking water like RO/DI/DM & Natural Mineral water & Fortified water also.
  • Icecream and Kulfi :Lots of variants are available and witout milk as DESSERT also could be possible.
  • Ginger, Garlic, Chilli, Tomato Paste processing:This is very large section,And the demand would be increasing day by day,for all kitchen and hotels to save time,Like tomato puree and many items are included.

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