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We are Turning your Vision into Profit by providing guidance for Recipe Development, Recipe Enhancement, Food Manufacturing Plant Setup and many more..

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B.kumar Food Consultant is the Founder of B.kumar Food Consultancy Services, He has more than 25 years of experience in  Indian and Multinational companies.


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B. Kumar

A vibrant performance-driven professional with more than 25 years of rich experience in multinational and local companies in the field of Purchase management, Project management & Production management, Holds the Approved manufacturing license for Tablet, Capsule, O.R.S. and Dry syrup in B-Lactum & Non B-Lactum.


B. Kumar

Food Consultancy Services

  • Food Manufacturing Plant Setup
  • New Recipe Development 
  • Recipe Enhancement by adding different additives
  • Shelf Life Solutions

What is our work style

Preliminary discussion

To understood my clients  requirement, 1. Idea Concept Defined, 2.  Meeting with BFCS, 3. Feasibility Study by BFCS, 4. Decision of BFCS, in Yes / No If yes, then Step No.2

Sending Quotation

After understanding client’s requirement, We are Sending him quotation with detailed financial steps, Payment terms, Our Work schedule, How much time we can complete work, And our term & conditions, Or any special requirement of clients ,all are in written format

Telephonic conversation

Single Telephonic conversation with client to know that they have received Quotation, As we are not having system to take follow up to clients, to know the status of our Quotation, that it is approved or not, But if any query regarding our Quotation would be there ,We are ready to solve it hundreds of times

Sending Documents

1. Quotation approved by Client, 2. Advance Payment received by BFCS, 3. Sending RPM Document with Contact Details to Party along with Business Plan. RPM Documents contains RPM list (Raw ,Packing & Machine) , with all RPM Manufacturer’s Phone, Email, url, Brand, city.


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