Your any product like wafer, Namkeen, Besan, Frying Oil, and lots of your existing products shelf life could be increased by our method/Recipe enhancement by 20% to 60%,These all are done by our Anti oxidant,Preservative knowledge and amount of Oxygen content to be reduced at 0.1% from 20% ,that will be replaced by Nitrogen which is inert or Carbon dioxide ,Due to that ph of food product will decrease, thus micro-organism growth inhibited up to 95%. Product wise our technique will differ like Juice, Khakhra, Soft drink or Ready to eat .

Enhance your product life upto 65%

Or by our method Oil will consume less by 15% ,It will be more thin due to less density and becomes less black during frying.

Some of the Products which can be dried  Like Bread, Tobacco, Sweet etc, Here also our magic work and it becomes fresh during storage. For above all process, We provide recipe of these ingredients And these 3-18 ingredients mixed and kept at your factory, Now as recommended by us, you have to use from 0.05 % to 0.45% of your product.

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